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At LA Carpet, we enjoy helping our customers save money any way we can.
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Carpet Coupons

Whether you’re carpeting your entire home or a single room, our exclusive coupons can help you save time and money.
$100 off on orders over $1,500

Laminate Coupons

While laminate is already an affordable flooring option, our laminate coupons can make your home improvement project even more affordable.
$100 off on orders over $1,500

Hardwood Coupons

Below you’ll find some of the best hardwood flooring coupons, discounts, and deals, because a home remodel shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.
$100 off on orders over $1,500

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Coupons

Whether you chose ceramic or porcelain tile, our exclusive money saving offers can help make your remodel more affordable.
$100 off on orders over $1,500

Luxury Vinyl Coupons

Don’t let the high price of luxury vinyl keep you from remodeling your home- our exclusive coupons and discounts can make the project more affordable.
$100 off on orders over $1,500

Cabinets Coupons

Whether you need cabinets for the bathroom or your bedroom, LA Carpet has plenty of exclusive money-saving offers you can take advantage of.
$100 off on orders over $1,500

Granite Coupons

Below you’ll find some great money-saving offers on granite countertops and products from some of the best granite manufacturers in the industry.
$100 off on orders over $1,500

Natural Stone Coupons

Don’t let the price of natural stone keep you from creating the home of your dreams- our exclusive coupons will make natural stone more affordable.
$100 off on orders over $1,500