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Emilceramica is a manufacturer of ceramic surfaces for any type of residential or architectural requirement- from ceramic flooring to countertops, Emilceramica manufactures it all. Since its formation in 1961, the company has constantly reinvented itself, and updates its production technology and design requirements in order to remain a leader in the world of ceramics. Currently present at an international level with five brands, including Provenza and Zeus Ceramica, Emilceramica has a sales organization covering over 70 countries, through which it exports nearly 80 percent of its production.

With a vision that includes using ceramic technology to create tiles that interpret and embody Italian culture in a contemporary way, Emilceramica tiles are the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. With attention to detail, care for human capital, and an emphasis on environmental-friendliness, Emilceramica effectively brings the Italian lifestyle to people all around the world.