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San Lorenzo porcelain tile combines old world charm with modern engineering for an exquisite look that’s perfect for any living space. Whether you’re looking for an urban and upscale look or a design that’s more traditional in nature, San Lorenzo’s one-of-a-kind lineup of porcelain tiles is as versatile as they are durable. With rich details and intricate patterns that mimic what nature takes years to create, San Lorenzo makes it easy for designers and homeowners to match any color or décor scheme.

The larger tiles of San Lorenzo Classico help smaller spaces feel more expensive, while the smaller tiles of the San Lorenzo Antique collection create spatial depth in larger spaces. Regardless of the size of your current space, there’s a collection of San Lorenzo tile that’s sure to fit the mold. While San Lorenzo prides themselves on their variety, they’ve also payed close attention to the design. Each San Lorenzo tile is stain and scratch resistant, with added assurance against moisture and damage. These unique properties make San Lorenzo tile perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and other rooms that are exposed to moisture.